Hei Tiki Pumau is a concept created out of a need for a more culturally appropriate and educational antenatal programme for Māori women.

Programme details:

  • Hei Tiki Pumau is designed to foster and preserve Māori birthing practices.
  • The programme is open to any hapū (pregnant) mums and their whānau wanting to participate in a Māori programe of learning delivered in a Māori environment.

“He wahine, He whenua, E ora ai te iwi” By women and land, people are sustained

Kaiawhina (Staff)

Our Kaiawhina Te Rina Joseph brings experience in Antenatal care and advocacy to her role and whilst offering a māori approach to her progamme.

Contact information

Ph: (07) 578 7838

Extension:  212

Email: heitikipumau@huriatrust.co.nz