Our Early Intervention or as we like to call it ‘Tīrairaka’ programme is offered specifically for the needs of the Elderly or Kaumātua (Koroua and Kuia)

The ‘Tīrairaka’ programme offers:

A day Programme – 2 days per week

  • A range of social & physical activities
  • Regular health checks and monitoring by a nurse
  • Planned haerenga (day trips)

Health Promotion & Education on

  • Age related issues
  • Menopause, Diabetes, Asthma
  • Nurse clinics
  • Mobility issues

Advocacy Support

  • Regular 1on1 visits in-home
  • Access to clinical 1on1 visits in-home or clinic
  • Healthcare Plan

The programme is held every Tuesday and Thursday.

Kaiawhina (Staff)

This programme is supported by up to two experienced kaiawhina.  Janet Wilson is the programme co-ordinator and she is supported by another staff member.

Contact information

Ph: (07) 578 7838

Extension: 211
Email: janet@huriatrust.co.nz