Whānau Ora Service


Whānau Ora is a service designed to advocate for and support both whānau and individuals. Once enrolled, a kaiāwhina will sit with you and your whānau to discuss your needs before creating a ‘whānau plan’ or a ‘healthcare plan’. This will be created in consultation with you and will outline certain goals you’ve identified as being important. Once you are happy with the plan, we will then begin navigating the most appropriate pathway to enable you to realise your goals.

Curate Church Kai Boxes

Some examples of how our kaiāwhina can advocate for & support you are:

  • Providing transportation to and from appointments
  • Support with enrolment or re-engagement with a GP
  • Support for attending GP appointments
  • Screening and management programmes
  • Promotion and direct referral to specialist services

Accessing the Service

You can enrol to the service yourself or be referred, some of the most common ways are:

  • Agency referral
  • Whānau referral
  • Iwi referral
  • Self-referral

One of the key objectives for us is to ensure that activities of existing healthcare professionals are co-ordinated and effectively targeted to meet you/your whānau needs, so that you/your whānau are assisted to better utilise those services.

Contact Information

To register with our service or if you have any further questions please contact:

Email: whanauora@huriatrust.co.nz
Phone: 07 578 7838 ext. 704
Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

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