Hei Tiki Pūmau


Our Hei Tiki Pūmau program is designed to provide invaluable support to hapū māmā and their whānau. Our primary focus is to equip whānau with essential knowledge and tools that can facilitate a positive and meaningful birthing experience.

Over the span of our two-day wānanga, we will delve into the various stages of pregnancy and shed light on traditional Māori birthing practices. Our approach also extends to exploring natural wellness modalities alongside conventional medical practices, all aimed at enhancing the overall health and well-being of both māmā and pēpi. Additionally, māmā and whānau will have the opportunity to create ipu whenua & muka ties.

As an added benefit, expectant māmā attending the program will receive a complimentary Bountiful Pregnancy Pack. This package is thoughtfully curated with practical items, samples, and essential supplements, along with a voucher for the upcoming Bountiful New Parent Pack. This continuum of support is dedicated to aiding you as you step into the journey of parenthood.

This service is FREE and available for all expectant parents but focuses on meeting the needs of first time parents and groups with high needs. The programme is usually held at Huria Trust or Huria Marae.

Contact Information

For more information or to register for this programme contact our kaiāwhina, Nikki:

Email: heitikipumau@huriatrust.co.nz

Phone: 07 578 7838 ext. 702

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