Te Kōti Rangatahi Māori

Te Kōti Rangatahi is a judicially-led initiative for young Māori, but is open to non-Māori too. Young people who admit to the charge(s) they are facing in the regular Youth Court can choose to have their next hearing held on the marae where their family group conference takes place.

An enhancement to the youth court process is the inclusion of a kaumātua panel who provide valuable support with the intention of facilitating and reconnecting rangatahi with their culture.

Huria Marae hosts Te Kōti Rangatahi Māori once a month on a Monday, and alternates bi-annually with Maungatapu Marae. Huria marae has hosted Te Kōti Rangatahi in 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 and will host again next year in 2024

For more information please contact the Huria Trust office during business hours.

Email: reception@huriatrust.co.nz or

Phone: (07) 578 7838