The Rongoa Māori Service offers a holistic approach to healing based on recognising the needs and well-being of Māori whanau as well as non-maori.
It applies treatments, practices,  knowledge and skills that are accessible, effective, efficient and safe for consumers.

Health Services offered include:

  • Mirimiri (massage)
  • Swedish Massage, Reiki & Reflexology
  • Advocacy / Consultation on healthcare plan
  • Health Promotion and Education

Treatments include

  • Swedish – Muscle Manipulation.  Health Benefits:  Relief of muscle tension, increased circulation, invigorating massage, full body massage (anterior & posterior) = 1 hour
  • Reflexology – Hand and Foot Massage.  Health Benefits:  Deep Relaxation, physical and hormone balancing, clears the mind, encourage self-healing = 1 1/2 hours including consultation
  • Reiki – Clears energy blockages in main centres of the body through light touch.  Health Benefits:  Promote positive energies throughout the body, spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally uplifting.  Half (Anterior) = 30-60 mins including consultation.  Full (Anterior & Posterior) = 60-90 mins including consultation.  *60 mins is equivalent to 3 hour mirimiri

Clinic Days

Current clinic days are every Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm

Our Kaiawhina (staff member) is knowledgeable in aspects of Traditional Māori Healing and is a certified massage practitioner.


Mere Horopapera is our current massage practitioner and she specialises in the range of treatments listed above.  Give her a call now.

Contact information

Ph: (07) 578 7838
Extension: 218