We are seriously excited & committed to our latest project! Why? Because whānau are at the centre. Tahia Te Marae (TTM) is a marae-based model of service delivery designed & developed by the Huria Trust staff & advisory team. Our aim is to work alongside whānau & hapū in pursuit of their dreams, goals and aspirations. We believe whānau must be at the centre & in control to ensure the growth & expansion of their individual strengths and capability, therefore bringing them closer to achieving their aspirations & goals. TTM recognises the collective strength and capability of whānau to achieve better outcomes in health, education, housing and employment. Housing is a priority focus area for Tahia Te Marae. We began this journey with a blank sheet of paper & positive attitudes, excited that there was an opportunity to support whānau in ways that empowered rather than disempowered them. We have developed a simple yet effective cultural model of service delivery to whānau/hapū. Our goal is to replicate this model across other hapū of our iwi, Ngāti